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     What is Qi?
Qi is a vibration like light, sound, scent or color is a vibration.

Qi is light, sound, scent, and color.

Qi vibrates all around us.

Qi vibrates in the sun, moon, and in every flower, tree, animal, bird, insect, and object. 

Qi vibrates throughout our bodies in our organs, muscles, tendons, and blood.
Qi vibrates in channels or pathways called meridians.

Qi vibrating in the meridians, warms, brings strength, and vibrancy to our bodies.

Qi is formless, but it can form into matter. 

Qi is the air, and it is the process of breathing in the air.

Qi is what helps our lungs expand to breathe in air. 

Qi is your skin, hair, blood, saliva, tears, cells, muscles, tendons, 
and bones.

Qi is the flow of a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Qi is wood, fire, earth, metal and water. 

Qi is stillness, and quiet.

Qi is movement, and action.

Qi is darkness, and light.

Qi is day, and night. 

Qi is the flow of one season into another, Spring, Summer, Fall, 
and Winter.

Qi is the sun in the sky and the warm sunshine on your face. 

Qi is the wind blowing through your hair. 

Qi is rain and snow, and what helps it drop from the sky. 

Qi is happiness, sadness, contentment, fear, elation, joy or anger.

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