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     Why Acupuncture
Do you regularly feel tired, and draggy?

Do you feel like no matter how much sleep you get you are still tired?

Do you feel overly anxious and worried?

Do you feel depressed?

Is your life highly stressful?

Does it take you a long time to fall asleep? 

Do you wake up in the night frequently, or have difficulty going back to sleep?
Do you suffer with nagging, or severe pain anywhere in your body?

Do you have sinus allergies, asthma, regular bronchitis, or sinus infections?

Do you get headaches, or migraines?

Do you suffer from constipation, regular loose stools, or watery diarrhea?

Do you have hemorrhoids?

Do you suffer with intestinal cramps, bloating, gas, GERD, or ulcers?

Have you been diagnosed with IBS?

Are you dealing with cancer, and the side effects of chemo, and radiation?

Do you take many different medications, and your doctors keep giving you more?

Ladies, do you have painful periods, heavy periods, or unusual periods?

Ladies, do you get cranky before your periods, and crave chocolate, or carbs?

Ladies, do you have uterine fibroids, or endometriosis?

Gentlemen, are you dealing with prostate issues?

Couples, are you having difficulty conceiving, and have you been trying over a year? 

If you can answer yes to any, a few, or all of these questions, Acupuncture, and Chinese Herbal Medicine can help you. 

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