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Acupuncture is a technique for balancing and strengthening the bodies’ Qi, or energy, to flow more smoothly. Chinese medicine has a saying, ‘Where there is pain, there is no free flow’. Qi flows through energy pathways called meridians, which follow the contours of the body from top to bottom, internally to externally, forming a matrix through which we can affect that flow. The acupuncturist does this by inserting fine needles at specific points along those meridians, which break up blocks in the Qi flow causing pain and disease of all kinds. Because acupuncture can access the entire body, inside, and out, it can relieve not only the symptoms being presented, but also the underlying root causes creating the symptoms. Like a gardener pulls out a weed by the roots, Acupuncture transforms and expels the root, so the disease does not recur. 

Does it hurt? I’m afraid of needles. 

The needles are very fine, solid, stainless steel needles, the width of several hairs. Often my patients don’t even feel the needles. Many patients come for the first time, and say, ‘Is that all? I didn’t feel anything.’ They often are expecting something much more. If there is any sensation, one might feel tingling, warmth, or itching where the needle is placed. 

Is it safe?

All the needles are sterilized, and come packaged in single packets, which are opened just before use. Then the needles are disposed of in a special container after each session. So, they are used one time, for your treatment only.

I don’t believe in Acupuncture, I don’t think it will work for me.

Animals treated with Acupuncture don’t know to believe, or not believe, yet those with arthritic joints will often run and jump following Acupuncture treatments. Others who appear to be in the waning hours of their lives, and whose owners have been told by their vets are in Kidney failure, begin walking, eating, and urinating normally following Acupuncture. They exemplify Acupuncture working, despite any kind of belief in its effectiveness.

Acupuncture is a healing system, not a belief system. For humans, it is beneficial to be invested in our healing process, but it can still work, regardless. The Chinese have a saying, ‘The heart governs the mind’. If our heart isn’t in something, our mind won’t be interested in making the necessary diet and lifestyle changes, and we won’t follow through for healing to progress. 

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